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Hi! I'm Casey

I'm glad you found my little corner of the internet! I've been building things pretty much my whole life. My dad was in construction for over 30 years and I would frequently go with him on side jobs to help. I've done so much! From ceiling tiles to installing bathroom stalls, he brought me along and I learned and helped for some extra summer cash. 

My mom has also been in the industry for a couple decades. She started out in cultured marble, worked her way over to custom cabinetry, then finally settled in granite where she manages one of the largest shops in the Pensacola area. The knowledge I have gained from her has really shaped my taste and everything that I love about making things custom!

I am also a wife and a mama to 3 littles all on the spectrum! My projects may be things that I love but I always consider how to make things beautiful as well as functional for my family.

I have no idea where this little page is going in the future but I'm sure it will be fun!

Thanks for joining me!!


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